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Benefits of Pilates

*Increases body awareness and mind control

*Teaches correct muscle activation, posture, and alignment

*Improves balance and proprioception

​*Focuses on breathing and calms the mind

*Benefits pregnant women by providing a non-impact exercise activity

*Great alternative treatment for post-rehab, post-surgery, and seniors

*Serves as training for athletes

*Helps train the body for activities of daily living

*Promotes relaxation and provides a resource for harmony and inner peace


​        ​​2020 Pilates Training Specials!
    4 Privates - $65 per session  .  Save $20
   8 Privates - $57 per session  .  Save $104
   12 Privates - $55 per session  .  Save $180

Limited 2 packages per person
Packages must be purchased by 10.31.2020

Sessions must be used by 12.31.2020

Private and Duet Sessions

We offer both private and duet Pilates sessions that each last 45 minutes.  During a private Pilates session, you can expect full attention from a certified Pilates instructor that will monitor and modify your exercises.  This is specifically beneficial for clients who are transitioning out of physical therapy, are healing from an injury, or are looking for more hands-on assistance.  The duet session is available to two clients per session, for a reduced price.  The duet session is beneficial for clients who have some Pilates experience and have already created specific goals with a physical therapist or Pilates instructor.  Please visit our BodyMoves page for more information on pricing and ways to schedule.  

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, and are all trained through the most comprehensive teacher-training programs today (BASI and Stott).  Our highly certified trainers have an increased understanding of the human anatomy and have the ability to apply Pilates teaching in a safe method.  These methods are adapted to accommodate a variety of users with different levels of experience and health histories.  

Classes are offered Monday - Friday and times are specific to instructors.

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23811 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 120

Beachwood, OH 44122

Claire is an exercise physiologist who has worked with physical therapists in Australia, the Netherlands and the United States.  She brings an eclectic approach to her Pilates programs.  She is also an Australian-trained massage therapist.  She enjoys working with those who need a more guided touch.  She helps clients find a balance between movement and relaxation.

Natalie Boyd, PTA

Certified Stott Pilates

Why Pilates?

Pilates is unique - it strengthens the body, improves flexibility, and promotes elongation of muscles.  A major component of Pilates is the focus on core strengthening, in order to improve overall posture and alignment.  One of the most important benefits of Pilates training is that it helps to improve performance, such as perfecting skills used in dancing or golfing or recovering after an injury.  Some of the equipment used at our location includes the mat, Reformer, Tower, multi chair or wunda chair, and many smaller tools to help strengthen and tone the entire body.  This form of exercise is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Claire Hilbers BS, MT

Certified Mat Pilates

Stott and BASI Trained

Bridget comes to us from California where she became a professional dancer and also a dance instructor.  She strives to use her experience in dance

and Pilates to help clients

enhance their physical strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection.  She is attending Cleveland State University's PT program to become a

physical therapist.

& Wellness Services provided by Cleveland BodyWise

Natalie is a physical therapy assistant and also has an associates degree in sports and exercise science.  Her many years as a PTA make her a great fit for those who need exercise prescription. She uses a combination of exercise and manual techniques to improve each client's quality of life.  She brings enthusiasm and science to your program.  

Rehabilitation to Wellness

Our team collaborates with the physical therapists at Sternen Physical Therapy to transition you from "Rehabilitation to Wellness".  An introduction to Pilates may begin in your rehabilitation sessions with your physical therapist.  As you begin to feel the positive benefits of Pilates, we believe you will be inspired to move into lifelong improvements through BodyWise Training services.

How to Schedule

"Change happens through movement

and movement heals." 

                                                 -Joseph Pilates

Bridget Murano, BA

Certified BASI Pilates

Pilates Coordinator