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Dance Rehabilitation

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Bridget Murano, BA

Certified BASI Pilates

Pilates Coordinator

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Dancers are unique...

Sternen Physical Therapy is recognized in the Cleveland area for a rehabilitation team who is specialized in the care of dancers.

Meet our Dance Rehabilitation team

Jessica KoletskY, PT, DPT

  • Expertise for Dancers
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Physical therapists provide a comprehensive orthopedic assessment of dance injury.  Proper evaluation for mechanism of injury, range of motion, flexibility, and strength will determine appropriate plan of care.  Pain management, inflammatory reduction, and returning stability to an injured area is key to quick recovery.  Restoring functional strength and stability is essential for long term return to dancing.  Taping and mechanical  corrections are completed as needed.  

  • Dance Injury Assessment
  • Pointe Readiness Assessment
  • Dance Injury Prevention Workshops
  • Maintenance BodyWork for Dancers

Dancers use their bodies to create extraordinary movements while maintaining control.  Injury prevention is typically a top priority for dancers.  Our team can evaluate a dancer's range of motion and areas of weakness along a kinematic chain.  Programs can be designed to educate and treat asymmetries and imbalance in the body to prevent injury.  

Jessica is an orthopedic and manual physical therapist, who worked extensively with Broadway dancers in New York.  She understands the problems that dancers can experience and the specific therapy needed to help them recover.  She provides a comprehensive exam, manual therapy, exercise, and taping to enhance injury prevention and recovery.  Jessica collaborates with a team of certified integrative dry needling therapists and Pilates specialists to develop treatment plans to return dancers to function.  

BodyWork for Dancers

Bridget comes to us from California where she became a professional dancer and also a dance instructor.  She strives to use her experience in dance and Pilates to help clients enhance their physical strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection.  She is attending Cleveland State University's PT program to become a physical therapist.

Soft tissue mobilization and massage are treatments that involve physical action of the muscles and other soft tissues of the body.  Soft tissue techniques target the release of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue of the body.  The therapist uses a variety of depths, pressures, and duration to help meet your specific needs.  Trigger points are knotty areas in a muscle that create referred pain.  These points are released to decrease pain and improve function.  Joint Mobilization is a series of oscillations to the extremity joints and the spine to create a roll-and-slide of the underlying bone, which affects the capsule.  This aides in pain reduction and improved mobility.  

Dance prevention programs

Dancers move their bodies in unique ways.  Physically, we aren't supposed to be able to do the splits, stand on our toes, or have far turned-out feet, yet we are capable of doing so.  Unlike other art forms, the way dancers move and how the body is utilized is the art, not the body itself.  Dancing is within a realm where kinesthetics and art meet.  Dancing is not only a form of exercise, but can also be a way of life for many.  Dancing can be therapeutic for mind, body, and soul.  

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