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" The miracle is that when we allow ourselves to have negative feelings (but not act on them), they run their course naturally, eventually becoming powerless when we embrace them and choose to heal them by taking actions that are proactive and self-affirming.”

~Rhonda Britten

Blaming ourselves is a defensive response to a real or imagined threat. It can give us a sense of regaining control (i.e., there is someone to blame) and can help us feel as though we are an integral part of what’s going on. The truth is: not everything is your fault. And that may feel disappointing. Also, some things are our fault. Yet any berating of ourselves in our inner dialogue keeps us from constructive thought and intentional choices. You and your coach can surface the inner self-talk that occurs when you choose to blame yourself, and begin to replace dysfunctional responses with productive emotional processing and self-affirming actions.

Why do I blame myself for things

that aren't my fault?