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We are direct access physical therapy providers.  Most insurance companies allow direct access physical therapy services.  We will do a courtesy insurance check to see if your insurance company allows us to treat you directly without a physician order.

We accept written prescriptions from your doctor (this is required if you have Medicare and some other insurance plans).

When you call for an appointment, please have your insurance cards available. Have your calendar handy, as we typically schedule you for about 4 weeks of care.  We aim to provide consistency with your therapy provider.

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Email - sternenpt@hotmail.com

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How do I get a prescription?
Ask your doctor if he/she would support physical therapy.  They can use their own prescription pad to write you one, or we'd be happy to provide them with one.  They just need to include your diagnosis, write "evaluate and treat", and include any other pertinent information.  They can fax it to us at 216-682-0417 or you can bring it with you to your first appointment.

How often should I schedule?
Unless otherwise stated by your physician, we typically schedule patients 2 times a week for about 4 weeks.  Keep yourself scheduled in advance at all times so you can get the times you like, we fill up quickly!     

What do I do before my first visit?

You may be asked to fill out some patient intake forms prior to your first visit.  Look in your email for a Patient Outcome Survey from FOTO and us.  Please complete the survey prior to your first appointment.  The survey provides some baseline information for your therapist on your pain and functional status.  You will be asked to do a status survey every 14-21 days.  It is helpful if you do the FOTO survey by email as they arrive to you.  If the survey is missed, you will be asked to complete it on an iPad at the office.  Please arrive to your first visit 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time.  This will help with completion of required documents prior to being treated.  

What do I bring my first visit?
Be sure to bring your prescription (if required),  insurance card(s), your paperwork (if you printed it ahead of time, see above link), and wear/bring comfortable clothing (shorts, sweatpants, etc.).  Your first visit will be an evaluation appointment. Appointments last 38 - 40 minutes. Your therapist will take a few moments to get to know you and your medical history, they will do some testing and/or take some measurements, and together you'll develop your goals and plan.  Come ready to take your first step on the path to wellness!

What if my insurance doesn't cover PT or I have no benefits?
Call our staff at 216.682.0413 and we would be happy to discuss payment options with you.

Please bring your insurance card(s), a picture ID, and prescription (if required) with you to your first appointment. 

Medicare Patients: Also bring a list of your medications with dosages.  Depending on your diagnosis, we may ask you to fill out additional forms when you arrive.

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