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Spine Evaluation

Spinal range of motion, testing, joint palpation, and basic neurology testing of the spine structures to determine if nerve impingement, disc pathology, and spinal facet restrictions contribute to your pain

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Palpation Testing

Application of hands on techniques to identify restrictions inthe fascia, joins, and muscles that contribute to your pain.  Identify muscle trigger points that reproduce your pain referral patterns, and contribute to your stiffness.

Joint Evaluation

Specific joint range of motion, muscle testing, and special tests to determine joint pathology.

Our Amazing Body Function

The human body complex is an amazing system.  Under normal conditions, the spine and joints work smoothly to allow normal functional activities.  When pain and stiffness occur, movement becomes difficult and function can be limited.  Take prompt action and see your physician and/or physical therapist to help you to full recovery.

Imbalance in any segment of the body can create a cascading effect above and below the involved joint.  So if your feet are hitting the ground incorrectly, this can lead to problems in the hip, knees, and back.  If a recent injury has left you in pain and you are compensating for the problem, other problems may develop.  Whether you are suffering from macro-trauma or micro-trauma, orthopedic rehabilitation can certainly help.  Orthopedic physical therapy is essential in post operative rehabilitation to manage swelling and begin early intervention.  Your therapist will help you restore your range of motion, strength, and balance so you can return to your life with confidence.  

Highly skilled therapists at Sternen Physical Therapy work closely with internists, orthopedists, surgeons, and other health care professionals to restore your function.

If you are suffering from an orthopedic problem, Sternen Physical Therapy is just a phone call away.  Call today and you may be our next patient success!


Begin to live life with confidence.  Our therapy team is ready to help you take control of your orthopedic problem.  Physical therapy treatment for your orthopedic dysfunction begins with a comprehensive evaluation.  An extensive examination of your posture, range of motion, strength, sensation, and other special tests will be completed.  Individualized treatment programs are established based on the evaluation findings.  Advanced therapists use a variety of manual therapy techniques, neuro-muscular reeducation, exercise, and patient education to east your pain.


A variety of hands on techniques are used to release restrictions in the body's fascia, surrounding musculature, and joints.  

   -Myofascial Release

   -Soft Tissue Mobilization

   -Trigger Point Release

   -Joint Mobilization

   -Craniosacral Therapy


Physical therapy modalities are used to decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and promote healing of involved tissues



   -Electrical Stimulation


   -Mechanical Traction


A specific exercise program is designed for you to restore the balance to your body and promote improved function.  

   -Range of motion


   -Neuromuscular Reeducation

   -Pilates Reformer Rehabilitation

   -​Therapeutic Activity

Meet our Team

Sternen Physical Therapy has an orthopedic team that specializes in the spine, extremities, and joint conditions.  Our therapists have completed extensive education and training and are ready to serve you.  

Put your rehabilitation in the hands of our talented therapists and begin to live your life with ease.  Walk better, move smoothly, and return to the things you enjoy.

Debbie Sternen, MS, PT

Jessica Pisano, DPT, FAAOMPT

Courtney Crawford, PT

David Nelson, DPT

Kate Shoger, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT

Jennifer Blakeney, PT

Natalie boyd, PTA

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Gait Analysis

Observation of your gait mechanics and testing to determine underlying issues, creating abnormal walking or running mechanics.

Balance Testing

Balance testing to determine fall risk and also for safe return to sports.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Do you have pain with standing and walking?

Do you have pain with sitting or driving?

Is it hard to find a comfortable sleep position?

Do you have difficulty reaching?

Do you have trouble squatting and lifting?

Does your back and/or neck hurt?

Do your joints feel stiff?

Do you feel you have poor posture?

Are you limited in your sport activities?

​Is it difficult to complete your work?

Specialized physical therapy can help you...

Posture Evaluation

Identify misalignment in spinal curves and areas of musculoskeletal imbalance.