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"From Rehabilitation to Wellness"

Discover your full potential with Pilates training.  BodyWise certified Pilates trainers guide you on your wellness journey.

Experience the Pilates form of exercise that combines flexibility and strength, utilizing multiple muscle groups with each exercise.  At the "center" of each Pilates exercise is the focus on the "core".  The "core" refers to the scapular, abdominal, and back muscles that provide support and stability to the spine, which facilitate balanced posture.  

Trainers will use a combination of Pilates mat exercise, with Reformer and Tower training to achieve endless results.  

"Get WisE...BodyWise" with BodyMoves Training  on the Reformer and Tower.

Be strong --- try Pilates...

& Cleveland BodyWise

Pilates Reformer and Tower training is $70 for 45 minutes.  
 Duets are only $40 per person for 45 minutes.

Call today to try the Pilates Reformer or Tower with

one of our physical therapists or certified instructors.

Pilates is a journey that will help you achieve health and wellness!


The therapists at Sternen Physical Therapy often use Pilates exercises as part of your exercise plan to meet your rehabilitation goals.  You can achieve dramatic changes in your body by using Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, and Pilates Tower exercises to your therapy program.

"Stretching for Patient Success"

Sternen Physical Therapy has an orthopedic team that utilize the Pilates principles to achieve patient success.  

Your physical therapist will determine if you are ready for mat Pilates, Reformer and/or Tower Pilates as part of your treatment plan.  Even after one session, you will begin to feel the effects of Pilates.  Gain flexibility, strength, and stability, 

and return to the things that you enjoy.  Take the first step! 

Benefits of BodyMoves Pilates Reformer Exercise Program:

*Suitable for all levels of fitness
*Improves overall flexibility

*Improves core strength
*Promotes elongation of muscles
*Increases core strength and stability
*Restores postural balance and enhances proper alignment
*Improves coordination and balance
*Reduces stress and tension
*Incorporates endurance with strength training
*Leaves you feeling energized and strong
*It's fun to do!