​​​​​​​Sternen Physical Therapy - Physical Therapy Rehabilitation
Our staff will do a courtesy insurance verification for you to determine your physical therapy insurance benefit.  Some insurance plans are subject to a deductible, coinsurance, or copay.  

Private Pay Evaluation: $110, Fellowship Trained $120

Private Pay PT Visit: $90, Fellowship Trained $100

BodyWise ... BodyMoves - Pilates Training and Personal Training
Session prices vary based on time and your BodyWise professional.
Please see the Pilates and BW Training Tab.
45 minute sessions are $70 - $80.  
BodyWise ... BodyWorks - "Hands on" techniques
Massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, muscle energy techniques, & joint mobilization.  "Hands On" manual therapy with the highly trained manual therapists.  Please see the BodyWork tab.  BodyWorks pricing varies by professional.

BodyWise Training - 45 minutes training session for $70
BodyWise Combo Training - 45 minutes training session that

includes a limited component of manual based techniques for $80
BodyWise Duet - Join up with a friend and do a duet! 

Only $45 per person for the 45 minutes training.

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& Cleveland BodyWise


If you are looking for insurance based rehabilitation services, please call our office and we will do a courtesy insurance verification of your physical therapy coverage.  If you have an orthopedic or medical condition that requires physical therapy, it is best to start with a physical  therapy rehabiliation program.  Sternen Physical Therapy will help you "from Rehabilitation to Wellness"

Some of our patients transfer to BodyWise services to continue their wellness journey.  Yet, others start with BodyWise. If you are feeling ready for BodyMoves and BodyWorks... jump right in.  Our staff can schedule you with one of  our professionals for personal training, Pilates training or hands on care to meet your needs.