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Begin your visceral manipulation today with Jennifer Blakeney PT, MPH.  Call 216-682-0413 and request a 45 minute Visceral Manipulation BodyWise session with Jennifer for $90.  If you have decreased function and qualify for insurance, ask to schedule a physical therapy evaluation and Jennifer will incorporate the visceral manipulation into your plan of care.  Our staff would be happy to do a courtesy

insurance verification for you.

The treatment is light and gentle and certainly relaxing.  Anxiety and pain leave the body as these inner restrictions are released. The outer shell begins to move better as the restrictions deep in the abdomen release.  Visceral manipulation combined with craniosacral therapy, movement, and other physical therapy treatment will bring you to new place in your wellness.

Furthermore, according to Dr. John Upledger, our organs echo our emotions.  You may have a “gut feeling” or “butterflies in your stomach”.  Some examples are chronic cold feet might be from restrictions in the small intestine, gastric reflux and heartburn might be because the stomach is sitting too high, and right shoulder pain can come from restrictions in the liver.

​Visceral manipulation is a hands on technique to release fascial restrictions in your abdomen and pelvis to encourage the normal movement and function of your internal organs. While it is commonplace for a therapist to work on muscles and joint restrictions, it is also important to consider the role of the organs. Essentially, the inside of the body effects the outside of the body. The trunk and pelvis form a bony, muscular, fascial outer shell to protect and encase the internal organs. The organs are in a sealed system under pressure and each organ is wrapped in its own pleura allowing them to slide. Anything that effects the organs ability to slide and move around will affect the ability of the body to move and function properly.

​Pregnancy, C-sections, abdominal surgery, and jarring injuries can affect the pressure and the slide of the organs; resulting in a dryness or stickiness of the organs that restricts mobility.  Light touch by a visceral practitioner can assess and treat these restrictions and restore the balance of the system.

Visceral Manipulation

​Because the fascial wrapping of our organs are essentially one big continuous piece of tissue, restrictions can manifest as symptoms in other areas. The visceral restrictions show up as pain and dysfunction often away from the original visceral source. The problems will persist if only the peripheral structures are treated. Successful treatment often starts in the deep, centered organs.​