Physical THerapy - Unique care for Women

The Women's Health program at Sternen Physical Therapy provides services unique to women.  Physical therapists work with your health care team to offer you treatment options so you can make the best choices for your wellness and current situation.

The Pelvic Complex

The alignment of the pelvis plays a critical role in pelvic pain and dysfunction.  The pelvis is composed of several bones and the sacrum of the spine.  Correct alignment of these bones is essential for proper functioning of the pelvic floor and lower body muscles and nerves.  Maintaining normal pelvic alignment is critical at all stages of life to stop pelvic pain and back pain.

The abdominal organs are supported by the ligaments and muscles of the pelvic floor, deep abdominals, and hips.  If these muscles are weak, tight, or in spasm, the pelvic organs descend and cause pressure on the pelvic floor.  This pressure on the pelvic floor can lead to incontinence and pelvic floor pain.

Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy & Fitness

Many women face new physical problems before, during, and after pregnancy and delivery.  Physical therapists use a combination of treatment techniques and education to guide you through the pre and post partum stages of pregnancy.


Physical therapy exercises and posture training can compliment an osteoporosis prevention program offered by your physician.

Post Surgical Scarring

Physical therapists can help release the scarring and myofascial restrictions that can develop from pelvic disease, after abdominal surgery, and after a mastectomy.  Abolish pain and restore movement with our help.

Jennifer earned her physical therapy degree from Boston University in 1981. She received her MPH (Master in Public Health) from the University of Michigan with a concentration in health education and health behavior. Jennifer has specialized in Women’s Health since 1995, mentored by local expert, Stephanie Pritts, MPT and studied with author and international trainer, Janet Hulme, MA, PT. She is currently working on her Craniosacral Therapy certification through the Upledger Institute where she is a teaching assistant. Jennifer has extensive experience and study in Muscle
Energy Technique with training from Michigan State University osteopathic medicine experts. Most recently, Visceral Manipulation training adds to her skills for comprehensive care of patients with back and pelvic pain, including bladder and bowel issues, due to trauma, birth, abdominal surgery or simply
the rigors of daily living.


Begin to live life with confidence.  Advanced therapists use a variety of manual therapy, modalities, exercise, and patient education to help you take control of your women's health concern.


A variety of hands on techniques are used to release restrictions in the body's fascia, surrounding musculature, and joints.  

   -Myofascial Release

   -Soft Tissue Mobilization

   -Trigger Point Release

   -Joint Mobilization

   -Craniosacral Therapy


A specific exercise program is designed to meet your needs.  Pelvic floor programs include "Beyond Kegels" and Pilates Reformer.  Osteoporosis programs use mild resistance training to build bone and improve posture and prevent falls.  Post-mastectomy exercises restore range of motion and strength of the involved upper extremity.  Prenatal & postpartum programs are designed to maximize your strength and comfort to care for yourself and your baby.  BodyWise's Ladies Tune Up class uses Pilates concepts for any pre- or post-natal mother.  It is also helpful for those who experience incontinence or pelvic floor dysfunction.  The class is small enough that the instructor can adapt specific exercises to meet your needs.  


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Women's Health Evaluation

We hear you.  We will listen to your questions and concerns regarding your women's health issues.

Spinal and Pelvis Evaluation

Identification of malaligned spinal curves, pelvic bones, and sacrum.  Identify areas of musculoskeletal imbalance.  Observe your walking for indications of weakness or dysfunction.

Muscle Testing

Evaluation of key muscles, including the pelvic floor, abdominals, low back muscles, and hip muscles to detect muscular imbalance.  Respiratory pattern assessment is also completed.

Palpation Testing

Application of hands on techniques to identify myofascial restrictions and the trigger points that can contribute to pain and dysfunction.  

A comprehensive evaluation is the first step toward your healing and improved function.

Urinary incontinence

Bowel incontinence​

bladder urgency

pelvic pain


Women's health

Postpartum fitness

prenatal & postpartum pain


post surgical scarring

Pain with Intercourse

Do you:

Dash to the restroom as soon as you get home?

Leak urine?

Feel pressure or heaviness in your perineum or bottom?

Have constipation or lose bowel control?

Have pain with intercourse?

Feel vulvar pain when wearing tight pants?

Have back pain while pregnant or caring for your baby?

Feel out of shape after a pregnancy?

Worry about brittle bones?

Have stiffness and weakness after having abdominal surgery?

​Feel restricted motion and chest tightness after a mastectomy?

Have abdominal pain?